Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for my sessions?

I accept self-pay clients as well as Priority Health Commercial, Priority Health Individual, Priority Health Medicaid, and Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance policies. I do not want finances to get in the way of your ability to receive the services you need. Contact me for further information about options that may work for you. I can also offer a superbill if you would like to try for out of network insurance benefits. I accept credit and debit cards, HSA cards, money order, personal checks, and cash at the time of service.

How much will my insurance cover?

Insurance coverage varies by plan. If you have questions about your coverage you should reach out directly to your insurance company to best understand any deductible or copay you may be responsible for regarding mental health care.

How long are sessions?

The length of sessions depends on the type of session. Typically sessions are 50 minutes. For EMDR therapy, 90 - 120 minute sessions are suggested for most effective care.

What does a therapy session look like?

Sessions will look differently depending on the type. Initial sessions will involve information gathering on your history and presenting concerns, as well as providing information on counseling expectations. It is suggested that we meet weekly for the first few weeks. After that time we will discuss how to proceed according to your specific needs.

Why does my bill come under another counselor's office name?

I contract out my billing through Kool Counseling so that I can maintain my focus on giving clients the best possible therapeutic experience. You can contact them directly with further questions through 

What do I tell my child about counseling?

For children the idea of seeing a counselor might be intimidating. You may introduce me as a helper or a safe adult who's job is to help them understand their big emotions or struggles they are going through.

What will my child's sessions look like?

For children 12 and under I like to meet with the parents alone for the initial session to obtain necessary information a child may not have answers to. After that I will meet with the child alone, unless the child requests the parent to accompany them until they are comfortable. For children ages 13 - 17, I will meet with both the minor and the parent for the first half of the initial session and then will meet with the minor alone for the second half of the session.

What can I expect to hear about from my child's sessions?

It is my policy to practice limited confidentiality with minors, obtaining assent from the child client prior to sharing information with the parents or guardians. This allows a level of trust to build between the child and myself and increases effectiveness of the therapy. Any safety concerns will be addressed with the parents as necessary. Parents will also be informed of any basic therapeutic techniques being used in therapy. I also make an effort to collaborate with parents for continued support at home at my discretion. You may contact me through email or phone outside of the session time to discuss any concerns you may have. 

I am a minor, can I seek help without parental consent?

The state of Michigan allows youth ages 14-17 years to seek therapy without the consent of the parent for up to 12 sessions or 3 months, whichever comes first. After that amount of time a parent must consent to continuing therapy. Payment for these services are the responsibility of the minor client until parental consent is obtained.